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    Meet Courtney Grant Tobbe

    Courtney Grant Tobbe is the creator of Totally Townies, and loves the downtown culture of Brighton along with her husband, and two daughters. Courtney is a city-slicker-meets-Laura Ingalls type of personality and she loves cooking, reading, wine, being a mom and wife, and basically soaking up the good life in downtown Brighton…the journey is the best part. Courtney enjoys all things that glimmer – including the frosted windows in January in their 1875 family farmhouse, sparkling rays of sunshine in the morning and the ice on the millpond after a flutter of snowflakes drop in for a stay.

     In addition to being an old fashioned soul, Courtney is also Operations Director for Sanford Rose Associates Executive Search.

    Courtney lives life with a passion for art in the everyday, gratitude, humor, and kindness.