•    24 Days of Sprinkles – Day 19 – Untethered Adventure   

    The fancyGabriella in the grass free feeling of running in a field of wild flowers and long grass gives a girl a feeling of freedom. There is something about the feeling of fresh air kissing our cheeks, Sandhill cranes in the distance, and the breeze on our back that gives us the exhilarating sense of untethered adventure. I grew up in an old stone house on the side of a dusty dirt road. I had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of time to play and dream. The summers felt long and even lazy as I played in my musty wooden dollhouse that sometimes was overcome by wasps and hornets. It was in that very humble fort that I learned I was not allergic to bees. It was in the long days of summer, that sometimes felt a little boring, that I learned to entertain myself. It was beside my two neighborhood friends that I learned we could ride our bikes to the “party store,” purchase as much licorice as we could afford, without adult supervision, laughing the entire time. It was in my unchartered and unstructured time as a child that my creativity was born, and also through the spirit of my very creative mom, who has always been my supporter.

    Today I see God’s love through the gift of free time and unscheduled life for children. I see it, but I certainly don’t always live it. It is my challenge to myself to share that with my children, and this is not easy. Giving ourselves and our families time to play and time to pretend is difficult – our world is not accommodating or even tolerant of this idea. Our world, if we allow it, keeps us unbelievably busy. I love time laughing with my children and with my husband, but I realize it comes with a price. If we want it, we must plan it, live it and commit to it, even when the computer is calling our name, the phone keeps ringing, and the texts keep coming.

    The pressure to be everything and to please everyone is a big one. I struggle with pressure to fit it all in, and feel the pressure to juggle far too much. Today I choose to step back for a moment, laugh from my belly, breathe in the spirit of God’s love in a field of green grass, and find delight in the wind, and time on a blanket with a family that is better than any gift I could have ever asked for.


    • It made me feel so happy to hear in your words the joy of your childhood. You are so right, there are many “Things” calling us to over schedule and try to do it all. It is impossible to do it all WELL. Something suffers and I am so happy that you are choosing to not have your children of creative mind and heart and spirit not suffer. You are a wonderful mom, raising wonderful little girls. Love you – mom

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