•    24 Days of Sprinkles – Day 16 – Happy Birthday, Roy Boy!   

    August 2013 148 (3)The Thing Of It Is - Poppa

    Today is Roy’s birthday, and if he were still here on earth, he could have been found in his backyard tending to his red geraniums, telling stories from his seat on his old fashioned, two-person rocker, and of course, drinking a cold beer from his old plastic cup. He was a man of many words and one who never shied away from offering you his opinion. “The thing of it is,” always came before a story, a tall tale, or his thoughts on politics, the price of gas or how things were “at corporate.”

    He is a man who enjoyed grilling hot dogs at school on field day, offered a smile and a joke to his loyal friends at VG’s, and who loved spending time with his family.

    Today we are reminded of Roy’s spirit and spunk and this weekend we will sit around his old fashioned rocker, amidst his favorite flowers, and raise a glass of his favorite beer in his honor. Just because. Just for him.


    Happy birthday, Roy Boy – Happy birthday, Poppa!

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