•    24 Days of Sprinkles – Day 15 – A Time to Keep   

    Today our daughter went from being known as a three-year-old, to a four-year-old. Only a day passed – one cycle of 24 hours, but she is less of a toddler and more of a preschooler. The world expects much more of her now, and so do we.

    As we age and progress through the journey called life, more is expected of us. We must be more responsible, more studious, more polite, and more successful. Life has a way of happening – days pass, weeks pass and suddenly we are no longer children, but are adults. We have mortgages to pay, lawns to mow, children to feed, and jobs to get to every morning. We have things to accomplish.

    We each have 24 hours in a day. We each have hopes and dreams. We each were once a three-year-old child who turned one day older and awoke as a four-year-old child. If we were fortunate, we enjoyed our childhood with an innocent wonder and a curiosity that lived behind the fresh lenses of protection and love from our parents.

    Today I see God in the miracle of the passage of time. The world keeps moving. Seasons continuously change and there is a time for each of us to shine and then a time to rest. There is a time for each of us to share, to grow, and to give. There is also a time when we may be in need.

    Today I am blessed to experience the shifting of life through the passing of time in my own life. I have learned to love the book, A Time to Keep, by Tasha Tudor, which is written for children, but with a very grown-up sense of nostalgia. In this book, complete with delicate watercolors and holiday memories, Tasha walks us through a year of adventures and customs to honor the passing of the seasons. As I read this book, alone or with my children, my breathing becomes slower and the desire to linger in the gift of the present, becomes larger. It is through savoring the gift of today, the present moment, that we can experience gratitude for what it is – not what it has been or what it could be.

    “To everything there is a season,

    and a time to every purpose under heaven:

    …a time to keep.”


    A Time to Keep

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