•    Recreation or Re-Creation? Enjoy it Today   

    It was a bright, beautiful summer day. The skies were blue and the sun was in its glory, shining with the steamy power that only an August afternoon can offer. I had been fortunate enough to spend the day with my two favorite children, my daughters. We spent the day on our swing set, followed by a picnic in the backyard and some stories on the top bunk when time for rest rolled around. We ate fresh tomatoes with sea salt, our favorite chicken nuggets with ranch dressing, and enjoyed the slurpy-goodness of a watermelon from the farmers’ market. We ended the afternoon sipping homemade mint tea, side-by-side in our blue plastic swimming pool, listening to the best “knock-knock” jokes a six-year-old ever told.

    It was a simple day. A day without the computer, or appointments. It was a day that was filled with laughter, as we soaked up every bit of juice and joy that comes from a peaceful summer afternoon without rushing. Life can often feel too booked, too frazzled, and too stressful. It is important to carve out time not just for recreation, but for re-creation. It is on days such as these that my soul is rejuvenated and revived – experiencing the beauty of nature through the examples of magic in my very own backyard – beside two little magicians who encourage me to see shapes in clouds and fairy houses in cast-off rock piles . Days such as these also don’t just arrive, they must be sought out, and committed too.

    Each day truly is a precious gift, and for me, time with my children is among my most sacred treasures. Regardless of your schedule, work load, or previous commitments, I urge you to take time away from the “must-do” list and reliance on modern technology, and spend time with those you love, or alone to restore your appreciation for the gift of your life. Give the smart phone, facebook and computer the day off. Your spirit and your family will thank you and your soul is sure to smile, especially in the privacy of your own blue plastic pool.