•    Happy May Day   

    The May Day basket is proud and sturdy and is filled with memories of years gone by. It is filled with blooms from the Spring of today, but with the scent of family history, the sounds of laughter passed down from generation-to-generation and the hope of tomorrow. For our family, May 1st represents May Day, a day that has been filled with secret surprises and joy-filled adventures for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood my mom and I would sneak over to her mom’s house, my grandmother, and leave a cone-shaped wicker basket brimming with freshly cut flowers at her backdoor. The next year, my grandmother would sneak the basket back to our front door and the tradition was celebrated year-after-year, and is still honored today. This year as my own children and I carry on the tradition once again, I am filled with gladness on this gray afternoon. I love tradition and sacred gifts shared by people who love each other. I love every day celebrations and am thrilled to celebrate the first of May with great gusto.