•    Your Art is Beautiful – Thank You, God   

    We are someplace on the calendar between spring and winter, not quite within the reach of the glorious spring sunshine, but still inching further and further from the grasp of jack frost each day. The days are getting longer and with the gift of more daylight comes the promise of spring. Spring is truly a promise that arrives each year with the song of the robin on a bright afternoon or in the first glimpse of the sturdy crocus peeping with great dignity through the stiff winter ground, often with a delicate blanket of snow not far to the left or right.

    Spring is a gift to experience and each year and I am delighted by the magical art in nature. From the sleek icicles of late January that cling to our old wooden window boxes to the tender blades of grass that lay dormant on our front lawn, nature is filled with wonder and awe. The gift of art is all around us, and is something that is often more beautiful than any manmade masterpiece.

    Before the snow and ice disappeared from Main Street, I was fortunate to share in a moment of delight as I saw this slender and sleek icicle on our back porch. The gift of God’s magnificent handiwork and artistic ability is something that never grows old, never fades and never can be replicated. A moment in nature is one filled with magic and is always available for our enjoyment, if we will simply embrace it. I am grateful for the long ribbon of ice that was created on our porch and has now melted away, never again to be seen in the same form. I am grateful for eyes that can witness the last gifts of winter, and a heart that can cheerfully welcome spring.

  •    Old Fashioned Valentine’s   

    Construction paper, Elmer’s school glue, and gobs of glitter make for a messy kitchen and a morning filled with love. As we ring in a day filled with red sparkle and pink pizzazz, we celebrate life’s most precious gifts – love, family and friendship. May today bring you unexpected surprises and time spent with those you love. The best valentines don’t come tied with a bow, but come in the form of a smile, a tender hug, or in the comfort of a familiar hand.