•    We Love Tulips!!   

    Flowers are fun, funky, and fabulous and we have a few tulip facts for you to share at your next dinner party…

     Did you know?

    • Tulips were introduced to Europe in 1551 by the Viennese ambassador to Turkey. In the early 1600s Holland became the focus of tulip-growing and in this time people would pay vast sums of money for a single tulip bulb.
    • The first tulips were grown in the United States in the 1850s near Spring Pond in Salem, Massachusetts.
    • The word tulip comes from the Turkish word for ‘turban,’ due to their shape.
    • A tulip stores its food in the underground bulb, allowing it to rest during the winter, remaining alive under the frozen layer of earth.
    • Tulips come in many colors ranging from deep purple to orange…but never blue.
  •    Welcome To The Market, Brighton   

    The Brighton Farmers’ Market began on Saturday, May 7 in downtown Brighton and will run through the end of October. It is a delight to haul out the old, metal Radio Flyer, stroll out of the house with a baseball cap on our heads, a satchel in hand a smile on our faces – we’re bound for the market! If it is a Saturday morning, you will find the Totally Townies at the Farmers’ Market, and what could be better? This weekend we visited old friends and met some new vendors. The market is full of homemade soaps, local artists, and farm-fresh produce in peak season. It is wagon-weather and our wheels are turning. We love to walk, talk, and sip our Saturday morning coffee in town.

  •    Happy Mother’s Day   

     Totally Townies wishes Moms across the globe and around the corner a Happy Mother’s Day. The love between a Mom and her child is a miraculous gift from God. How wonderful it is to experience unconditional love for another human being. Three cheers for Moms!